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My Father would always tell me – don’t use flowery language if you intend on reaching the masses. This was when he was Editor of an English daily newspaper during a time when print media was the main presence for news.

Today its a lot more, especially with online news services delivering news up to the minute. At times, I think the newspaper has now become redundant but all around me, the humble newspaper is still being delivered to every door.

What my Father said then still holds good – even today – for SEO and everything else in order to reach the masses.

Simple, basic, with proper grammar is what is required on your website for content. No use for “best” or even “cheap” is required. Its how you would communicate to someone on a on-to-one basis for anything.

That is what we imply to our content writers. That is what I imply to myself. Get the message through – communicate.

This is what we will do for you 🙂

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